About us

As an intermediary Bestel-thuis.nl allows you to quickly, easily and reliably order online.
We work with large chains and well-known companies, such as New York Pizza, Sushi Point and Ben & Jerry's.

Our features

User friendly website
With our new modern and user friendly website you order quickly and easily from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Excellent customer service
Our customer service is always ready to answer all your questions.
You can reach our customer service telephonic but you can also contact us by e-mail or through social media.

Unique loyalty program
We are the only food order website with a loyalty program. When ever you buy food from our website you get credits with those credits you get extra spending capital. You get one point for every euro spend this will automaticly added yo your account.

Wide range of delivery partners
Although we have a relatively short existence, we now have hundreds of associated delivery partners we have covered a large part of Rotterdam, Den Haag and Amsterdam. We also got other delivery partners in the smaller region of the Netherlands. Our aim is to further our coverage area.


Our goal is to make ordering food, drinks and groceries easier, faster and more reliable.
We do this by optimizing our websites and systems to the needs of the consumer.
We also support our delivery partners with daily operations by offering additional facilities and services.

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